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Today the RSS physical center is closed. We hope we can open soon. But RSS is still here working in the community. We are making thousands of calls to older adults in the northwest Bronx, looking to help seniors shop and running a great many virtual classes.

This is a great time to get involved with RSS and you can do so remotely from your own home or right within your neighborhood. We have the following opportunities:

  • Making friendly phone calls to find out how people are doing, if they need any help, and just chatting with them. You will be trained by one of our social workers on how to make the phone calls, what to look out for when speaking with someone and more.
  • Shopping. Many in the neighborhood are still housebound and need help shopping. We can pair you up with someone local. This kind of help would mean so much to one of our members.
  • Technology support for our members. Do you know how to use zoom, smartphones, computers and more? If so, we have many older adults in the area that could use your help! Being able to connect not only with the wide array of programs offered by RSS, but also family members and friends would be a major help to seniors in our area.
  • Remote Administrative Support. If you know Word or Excel there are many ways that you could help RSS. Projects range from data input to helping to do promotion pieces and other materials. This does require that you have a computer and internet access.
  • Do you have a skill, talent or knowledge that you can share with the community through Zoom? We are looking for people to do individual talks (or classes if they want) in many areas. These include history, the performing arts, travel, and more. We would also love to have authors speak about their books or subject of interest.

Now at a time when so many of us are still socially isolated, this work means more than ever. We hope to hear from you soon!

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