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Members Talk About RSS

To keep my life going, and to keep young. - Elvina Lenz

A great place for interaction, exercise, and trips - Joan Rock

Meeting new people, since I'm relatively new here in the Bronx - Virginia Shea

A fine place to meet people, get some exercise and take courses such as computer. Paul is an excellent group leader - Joan Bowen

Good food! Great activities! Great Trips - Gretchen Long

It gives me a chance to meet people of our age. It also helps us to do exercise to keep fit.

The Center is the best place that ever came to Riverdale. I love the music, exercises, and Rebecca is the best cook. - E. Prichard

Comradery...Great courses in music and art...terrific staff...great members - Pamela Boyle

In the short time that I've been bringing my 2 students to the Center, I must say how wonderful it is here. Everyone is so friendly. It's easy to interact with everyone in the group. - Rob Ledwan

A place away from home for two days to socialize and volunteer at the Meet & Greet. RSS has so much to offer for all people. Great lunches, wonderful trips and great people work there. - Irene Scheele

Everyone is very friendly. I'm very happy here. The groups are fantastic. - Patrick Molloy

The chef is an excellent cook. People are friendly at the table, as well as staff - Deborah Orenstein

Food...Computers...Art - Henry Spierer

Art, Community, and JOY! Very loving people with a wide range of experiences! - Dennis Shelton

Good meals, wonderful exercise classes and good fellowship with wonderful people. I miss the Center when I can't come down. - Mary E. Fernandez

A place away from home. I love RSS for many reasons: good lunch, friendly seniors, office takes care of problems that you may have. - Mary M. Romero

A place where I can get a break from duties as a caregiver for my mother and my uncle. - Kathleen Watson

I enjoy the people that I meet, also the exercise classes. The food is great. The Center is clean. - Donna M. Malloy

I like coming to the Center because everyone is very nice. - Carmen Morales

It is a sense of community, being with other people. There's a lot of activities - drawing, movies, games and health programs. - Emilia Robinson

RSS means so much to me.It means meeting wonderful neighbors, sharing our experiences, seeing places I could not otherwise see. Thank you so much for being there for all of us! - Robert C. Stein

This is a special place. It is so wonderful to see the ladies so comfortable with each other. The exercises are very good and extremely helpful to us. I hope this place will be here for a long time to be of benefit to us all!

A very special place. A destination, and a reason to get up every day and do things and see people. A caring staff and excellent activities make it pleasant and possible for me to get out and enjoy. - Priscilla Price

This Center meets the needs of every retiree. The staff, the activities and the food are excellent. - Toby Cash

It is very welcoming. The staff is wonderful. The food (Rebecca) is very good. I look forward to coming nearly every day.

Fellowship - M. Spillman

An opportunity to learn a new skill (knitting) and meet with friends. - Roz Spivack

A day to be with people who are friendly. - Evelyn Rasero

I like talking to everyone. Everyone is so friendly. I like the group very much. - Jean Alcindor

Friends, great exercise programs, book clubs, and lectures. It is the best place I can imagine for good health, body, mind and spirit! - Pat Gallagher

Heard for a long time from other Center members that RSS was excellent for food and lively people and great programs. - Gladys Volmar

Make new friends. Good ambiance. - Tepelus Victoria

The Center is a great place for music, meeting nice people, great food and we are lucky we have that place. Thank you all. - 

This place is very special to me and brings me so much joy and happiness. All the staff are the most caring and loving people, always helping us out. I love the exercises and also the food and all the activities they have. God bless everybody in this heavenly place with good health and happiness. Thanks a lot. - Lolly Jimenez

I am coming to the Center since 2010 when my place of work went out of business. They had few programs but was very enjoyable. 8 years later the Center is like a country club. Exercise, yoga, etc. every day. I look forward every day to exercise, women's group, etc. My father-in-law played cards in 1976 or so until he passed in 1979. I love the Center. - Luciana Pepenella

I meet my friends and the food and music is good. - Alice Shafer

I like coming to exercise classes. - Betty Haddad

It's a wonderful organization and has many useful classes. - Barbara Freshman

I joined RSS in 1993 after having come here for a short time. This Center is a wonderful warm-hearted place. It is a welcoming place with many interesting things to partake of, and lovely people to enjoy the Center with. I have been a volunteer selling lunch tickets and a long-standing part of the Social Action Group. I enjoy drama class and other things. I would be lost without this wonderful place! - Shirley Keegan

I enjoy volunteering helping Lisa S., a great nurse. A place I care about, all the friendships look for and to coming each day. I feel happy when I'm here, and enjy the programs, the people, the wonderful staff of caring, loving people. This is the best place when I need help with anything. I know I will be able to go to any staff members - the finest people - and they will go out of their way to help or suggest someone for you. Very lucky to have social workers. - Susan Cheryl.

The Center is great for exercise, art classes, and for meeting friends. The food is great and the staff is too! - Annelen Madigan

Pleasant people, fun games and good atmosphere. Lots of different activities. Good staff.  Marian Kousoulos

The Center is a real lifeline! - Violette Holland

RSS is a second home to me. RSS is second to none in enthusiastic professionalism, programming, and handling of personal problems. RSS cooks the best dinner - which is served in a clean manner and atmosphere of friendliness. Hurray to RSS! - Fedelia Echezond

I moved here the same day that Donald Trump was sworn in. I knew no one in Riverdale. At RSS I found a place where I could meet people and participate in many activities - ie. men's group, Feldenkreis, writing group...

I love this Center and the staff. Food is great and nice activities. I love the other seniors too. - Emilia Robinson

It means a lot to me. Always looking forward to come to RSS. Thank you all. - Charlotte Sherr

A comforting place to spend pleasant hours. - Edith Shevelove

Dear Staff & Members - I always feel warm and welcome here. RSS is the best place to meet people, socialize and enjoy eating with wonderful friends. Nearest place to heaven! - Robert Stein

When I first started coming to RSS I lived on 259th Street and I used to drive down. I loved the parking. Almost 3 years ago I moved to the Crescent and I was able to pop in and out for whatever programs I was interested in . No car anymore, but then there isn't much parking. - Betty Betz

Muy agradecida con el Centro en especial. Gracias Yvonne y Maritza. - Edith Collado

It is very welcoming. The staff is wonderful. The food (Rebecca) is very good. I look forward to coming here every day.

It gives me a chance to meet people of our age. It also helps us to do exercise to keep fit.

People are very nice. Nice to come to the Center. - Sandy Tsukroff

A place to enjoy being with friends and a very active place. - Eleanor Oliff

In the short time that I've been bringing my two students, Pat and Joan, to the Center. I must say how wonderful it is here. Everyone is so friendly. It's easy to interact with everyone in the groups. - Rob Seidman

This senior center is a gem. The staff is a caring group which is great for the participants. The activities are in sync with the members. The activities are suited for most of us. The speakers are aimed at most of us with current topics. - Shirley Small

RSS gives much to our lives. We look forward to the wonderful lunches. Rebecca is a fantastic cook; we are so lucky to have her. The exercise classes are very important in keeping us well. Many lectures are informative too. - Bette & Sy Lowenstein

A 2nd generation member - it's the greatest! - Fran Hoffman

A second home to meet nice people, good lunch, good discussion groups, counseling, dance/exercise sessions, movies! Enormously enjoy all - including great staff! - Marie O'Sullivan-Gurz

It is part of my extended family. - Judith Kramer

I like coming to the Center. I like the staff and I enjoy the company of my "seniors." - Eugene Lashley

I like to come here for the dancing and the exercise. - Theresa Collins

Nice place to meet people. Good lunch. Has various activities and day trips.

Nice people. Great activities. Nice staff especially Andria. Great food. - Joan Lee Carroll

RSS is a marvelous place. I look forward to coming to every day. The staff is spectacular - the meals are delicious and the people are friendly. Mazel Tov to the new beginning. Thank you for being here. - Frieda Natt

Fun is had every day when I go!!! It is also very learn a lot. - Sandy Brod

A place to cool off, meet cool people, and be involved in hot events - Sheldon Oliff

It has everything I enjoy from exercising to listening from good courses. And the food is mostly great - Barbara Freshman

I look forward each week to my poetry, creative writing, and chorus classes at RSS which provide both intellectual stimulation and social interaction. I enjoy the excellent lunches, as well, which serve as my main meal of the day. - Norma Crown

I love helping people at RSS. I am a people person and take pleasure in meeting people from all over the world. I find volunteering very rewarding as I get to help people who can't always do for themselves. When I volunteer at RSSI feel very appreciated for all my efforts. - Kolu Bayash

Besides my home and family, RSS is the most important place for me. By volunteering to help with the lunch meal clean up it helps me to give back to the center for all they do for me. I am also very grateful for all the RSS staff. - Maria Scull

I have been coming to RSS for over 10 years and enjoy the social interaction with the members.I am a volunteer and facilitator for the Poetry Class and a member of several of the center committees that represent and support the membership. I am an active member of the Menu, Trip, Social Action and Senior Advisory Committees. These give me an opportunity to represent the member's interests in the center as well as supporting the surrounding Riverdale Community.

From a Member's Family - "RSS gave her life!"

I am so glad I joined RSS. I think your balance class Sunday; which I just joined is GREAT. So is Peggy's class and I am new to the Center. This is a note of appreciation for your wonderful programs/classes and lectures. It is one of the best Centers I have encountered!! -Susan Reither