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Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation

Physical Activities

Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation Benefit the Body and the Mind


Studies have shown that regularly practicing Yoga, Meditation and/or Tai Chi have numerous health and mind benefits including:

  • Effectively reducing stress
  • Improving symptoms of arthritis
  • Providing overall pain relief
  • Improving feelings of overall well-being
  • Improving flexibility
  • Lowering blood pressure


Learn About Our Classes

  • Yoga for Joint HealthCombines chair yoga exercise and meditation to relieve discomfort and calm your mind/body.

    INSTRUCTOR: Kathleen O'Hanlon

  • Chair YogaEnjoy the benefits of chair yoga in a safe, gentle, yet challenging program. All levels welcome. Sitting and or standing with shoes on, we do not use mats or get onto the floor.

    Led by Neem Dewji. Neem is the director of Yoga for Bliss, now in it's 17th year. She teaches yoga at various levels: Level 1, gentle, chair yoga, and therapeutic yoga. She also teaches meditation and stress management.

    "It's wonderful to have been able to create a yoga and wellness community in Riverdale and Yonkers! In these fast, busy, and stressful times, we offer a space where people can come together with similar intention: to stop, to release stress, and to remember their more expanded and sacred sense of Self."

  • Yoga with Paula

    INSTRUCTOR: Paula Saddler

  • Meditation with Paula
  • GiGong/Tai Chi

    The practice of aligning body, breath, and mind for health. All levels welcome. Advanced students do the Tai Chi from.
    Led by Bruce McKenna

  • Tai Chi Gong

    This class focuses on stretching, twisting, weight shifting, and balance in sets of slow, relaxed, mindful movements, which can be done sitting or standing. Also included are tai chi gong sets, currently Tiger Mountain Tai Chi Gong and Shibashi, Set 1. The first part of the Dong long form is practiced at the end of class.

    The class is led by Bill Blass.