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This book will be by and about YOU and your stories. It will cover all aspects of food including food-inspired art and photography, stories about food and its importance in life, and the recipes that nurture us. 


Email Questions to Barbara Denson:

Click here to submit recipes, stories, poetry, artwork and photography


Look here for Inspiration


Story Ideas:

  • Favorite food experience
  • Most memorable cooking disaster
  • Learning to cook with a family member
  • Holiday foods

Recipes with a story ideas:

  • Grandma's carrot cake recipe
  • Holiday traditions
  • Comfort food

Click on the titles below for current story submissions


Poetry Ideas:

  • Ode to an apple
  • The dinner that was
  • Food Haiku


Photography ideas:

  • An exotic meal
  • Old family photos of people eating
  • Favorite place to eat


Artwork ideas:

  • Still life
  • Food collage
  • People with food​​​​​​​

April's Food Art Tutorial Videos

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