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Instructors at RSS Art Classes Teach and Inspire their Students

RSS is a multi-faceted center - exercise and arts studio, dance floor and social hub all-in-one.

Our multi-dimensional wellness approach consists of a wide range of programs designed to enhance the Social, Physical, Vocational, Intellectual, Emotional and SpiritualĀ aspects of an older person's life.Ā  We have programs that cover a range of a person's interest - from the arts to exercise to gardening and so much more.

At RSS, we have outstanding instructors who aren't just teachers - they are skilled practitioners in their disciplines. The instructors are knowledgeable, supportive and inspiring.

There are multiple exercise, dance and movement classes every day - for all - no matter your level of physical ability. And, all our art programs are held in a bright room with great natural sunlight.

Try a class in an area you've always been passionate about, but haven't had the time to do. Or, try something that you've never done before!

Check back regularly - new courses are always being added!

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