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What is the NW Bronx Healthy Communities Project?

 The NW Bronx Healthy Communities Project provides access to educational workshops and services on chronic disease management and nutrition literacy. The goal is to empower older adults in the community to take control of their health and improve health outcomes.

RSS collaborates with community partners Marble Hill Senior Center, St. Stephens United Methodist Church, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC), and the Schervier Apartments to provide in-person programs. Virtual events allow the NW Bronx Healthy Communities Project to expand its community outreach through health management workshop offerings impacting older adults in all sections of the Bronx and beyond to other parts of NYC and the US.

To get more information on community programs and upcoming events: Email: or call 718-884-5900 ext. 19.

Chronic Disease Management workshops

Blood pressure monitoring at the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center

The Chronic Disease Management workshops are designed to start conversations around health issues and strategies to help prevent and manage the various chronic diseases prevalent among older adults in the community. Mainly high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Workshops that are offered:

  • Chronic Disease and Health Management - Each workshop focuses on a different topic such as managing your medication. 
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring - participants get blood pressure and pulse oxygen readings and a brief counseling session with the Community Nurse. Blood Pressure tracking cards are given out to present to their healthcare professionals. This is helpful as an additional tool to help monitor the effectiveness of medications and treatment plans.  

All workshops are led by health professionals: the RSS nurses and nutritionists. Events are in English and Spanish. 

Chronic Disease and blood pressure monitoring (from left to right: Schervier Apartments, Marble Hill Senior Center, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center)

Nutrition Education and Cooking Workshops

Cooking demonstration at Kingsbridge Heights Community Center.

The Nutrition Education and Cooking Workshops offer cooking demonstrations and nutrition literacy education to members of the community. This year RSS created the Plant-Based Kickstart program, a series of workshops around the health benefits of plant-based eating. Classes are presented online and in-person as another tool to help prevent chronic disease or maintain your health. The NW Bronx Healthy Communities Project nutrition programs are an expansion of the series to include community partners and members of the community. 

Walk & Shop to Stop & Shop.

One of the very successful programs underway is the Walk & Shop events. Our Community Nutrition Educator conducts nutrition education tours with older adult participants walking from one of the community centers to either the local Farmers Market in upper Manhattan or Stop & Shop on Broadway. The goal is to offer a holistic approach to health that naturally and easily incorporates healthy food, nutrition literacy, and exercise. 

The Nutrition Education and Cooking Workshops are a collaborative effort with community partners Schervier Apartments, and Kingsbridge Heights Community Center. 

The NW Bronx Healthy Communities Project is in partnership with Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, Outer Seed Shadow, St. Stephens United Methodist Church, Marble Hill Senior Center, and the Schervier Apartments. Our mission: is to ensure that older adults in the community are made aware and have access to the full array of wellness services provided by RSS and other NW Bronx community organizations. The NW Bronx Healthy Communities Project is funded, in part, by the Bon Secours Mercy Health Foundation.