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Exercise Classes

Physical Activities

Exercise Classes Just For You - Whatever Your Level!

Because healthy bodies fuel active, engaged minds, we provide multiple exercise, dance and movement classes every day. These get all bodies in motion - no matter your level of physical activity or aptitude! Fun and functional classes promote balance, strength and can help prevent common injuries.

Learn About Our Classes

  • Balance and Strength

    The use of exercise equipment and active workout to strengthen/ tone the mind and body.
    Class reviews - "Mike is a great instructor." "All of Mike's exercises have been helpful for me in my daily routine." "Mike makes us feel so good and motivated." "I incorporate the exercises at home."

    INSTRUCTOR: Michael Sherry.

  • Chair Exercise

    This class increases your stability, endurance and flexibility.

    INSTRUCTOR: Eva Shulman. Eva has worked at RSS for 20 years. She has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation. Since exercise to improve Physical Health and Mental Health has always been her passion, she feels a great sense of purpose when I work with older adults.

  • Exercise for Mobility

    One of our most popular classes, Exercise for Mobility helps people to move in all directions through a series of exercises.

    INSTRUCTOR: Terry Roche. Terry is a personal trainer, Certified AAPT/ACE. DSW Fitness Exercise and Parkinson's Disease, IDEA Exercise & Functional Training for Older Adults

  • Belly Dancing

    From Beginner to advanced. Belly dancing is a beautiful art form and excellent overall workout.

    INSTRUCTOR: Noora Tirado, a belly dancer with over 15 years experience.

  • Folk Dancing

    Learn new moves to your favorite popular and traditional music.

    INSTRUCTORS: Rose and Meir Beer

  • Feldenkrais

    Feldenkrais has been covered in many major publications, including the NY Times. Safe and stress-free, the Feldenkrais Method can help bring about significant improvements in balance, flexibility, confidence and comfort. Feldenkrais exercises are unlike any other form of exercise. Instead of stretching or using muscular effort, Feldenkrais exercises stimulate the brain with anblend of gentle movement and guided attention to bring about improvements in the body.

  • Zumba

    Zumba is an exercise fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Pérez during the 1990s. Zumba gives you a total body workout by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.

    Instructor: Kolu Baysah