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Counseling Services


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RSS Has On-Site Behavioral Health Services

All of us need additional help and support sometimes. RSS feels making this assistance available on-site is critical. One-on-one and group assistance is available here at the Center. Feel free to talk to one of our social workers and counselors as needed. 

Behavioral Health Services are provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) . Services are made possible through the DOHMH’s Geriatric Mental Health Initiative (GMHI). The role provides counseling to members experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, family issues, health concerns, and other problems that can arise in later life. Members appreciate accessing services on-site at RSS, where they feel comfortable. One is a Life Transitions group where participants discuss a particular topic related to aging changes. Topics have included: managing stress, self-care, dealing with adult children, and coping with health changes. The other group is a Bereavement Support Group for newly widowed men and women. Both groups began in early 2019 and have a dedicated core group of participants. The Bereavement Group fills a gap; no other grief support group in the Bronx meets during the daytime. This position is currently open.

Individual, Confidential Counseling Available

People served by the GMHI program can make appointments for counseling in person, on the phone or if travel is difficult, at home. Two support groups are held each week.

Learn About Our Support Groups