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Monday, July 13, 2020
10:45 am12:00 pm
Zoom Webinar
Chair Yoga with Neem - WEEKLY CLASS

Do chair yoga with Neem. One of the most popular classes at RSS! Enjoy the benefits of chair yoga in a safe, gentle, yet challenging program. All levels welcome.

Led by Neem Dewji. Neem is the director of Yoga for Bliss. She teaches yoga at various levels: Level 1, gentle, chair yoga, and therapeutic yoga. She also teaches meditation and stress management. "It's wonderful to have been able to create a yoga and wellness community in Riverdale and Yonkers! In these fast, busy, and stressful times, we offer a space where people can come together with similar intention: to stop, to release stress, and to remember their more expanded and sacred sense of self."

The class is free and open to those 60+.

1. If you have registered for the class you DO NOT need to register again. You will be sent all updates.
2. Do not pass this registration on. Any new participants must register.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
11:00 am12:00 pm
Triva with Maritza - WEEKLY

Come and enjoy trivia with Maritza.

* This class is weekly. We will let you know if it is not happening.
* You only need to register ONCE for this class. You will be sent links weekly.
* You MUST register for the class. Please do not forward the link.

Balance & Strength with Mike Sherry - WEEKLY CLASS

Mike Sherry's balance & strength class is back! His exercises help to strengthen/ tone the mind and body. Class reviews - "Mike is a great instructor." "All of Mike's exercises have been helpful for me in my daily routine." "Mike makes us feel so good and motivated." "I incorporate the exercises at home." Registration Required. Classes free to anyone 60+

This event occurs WEEKLY at this time. You will be notified if there is an exception.
If you have already registered you DO NOT need to register again.
You must register once to be considered a member of this class.

A zoom link will be sent prior to the class.

Chair Yoga for Joint Health with Kathleen O'Hanlon - WEEKLY CLASS - Tuesdays at 3 PM

Combines chair yoga exercise and meditation to relieve discomfort and calm your mind/body. All levels welcome.

Class is free for those 60+. Registration Required.

* This is a weekly class. You will be informed if the class will not be taking place.
* You only need to register for this class ONCE. After that, you will be sent class information for each class.
* Please do not forward link information to others. They need to register for the class.

A zoom link will be sent prior to the meeting.

Relaxation & Meditation Class with Paula - WEEKLY at 11 AM

Zoom class with Paula focusing on relaxation and Meditation.


You will receive a zoom link prior to each meeting.

July 15, July 29 and August 12 - Wednesdays at 2:30
Zoom Online Class
Bliss Fit

BlissFit is a fun, dynamic class that combines: stretching, strength training, dance, Qi Gong and a gratitude practice. All levels of fitness are welcome. BlissFit supports participants in feeling positive and rejuvenated.

The class is free for anyone 60+.

1. You will be sent meeting details prior to each class.
2. You only need to register ONCE for the course. You will be sent link updates before each class.
3. Do not pass on this link. Each person must register for the class.

Kim Schmidt is a certified Yoga Instructor, Dance Instructor, Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritional Counselor and Reiki Master.

Art History with April Lombardi

Come to the next Zoom art lecture on Propaganda and Politics as seen in European paintings and prints. Includes Q&A session. If you registered for the previous lecture you do not need to register again.

1. If you have already registered for one of April's art lectures you do not need to register again.
2. Please do not forward on the links. People need to register directly.

Opera with Diana - Iolanta by Tchaikovsky  With English subtitles

Listen and learn about Iolanta by Tchaikovsky with English subtitles Diana has a Bachelors 'Degree in Education from Tashkent State University and Master’s in Social Work from Yeshiva University.

This ongoing group gives members the opportunity to discuss any of the myriad changes large or small, pleasant or not, that accompany one’s graduation into Senior Life, as well as the impact of Covid-19 on our lives. Members are encouraged to discuss whatever is on their minds and to share their experiences past and present with the group.

If you are interested in being part of this group, contact us at

Salads - How to Make A Salad that is Anything but Boring!

There are salads and then there are SALADS! Come to this workshop to learn how to make a salad that is anything but boring. Leave with a new way to think about eating. Includes cooking demonstration. Registration Required.

Co-Hosts, Barbara Denson and Deborah Johnson. Deborah is a Plant-based Nutritionist who holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition. As a Nutritionist, Deborah is committed to the journey of helping people make lasting changes by adopting healthy habits for life, at their respective levels of readiness. In addition to her role as Community Health Nutritionist for the North West Bronx Food Justice Project, Deborah teaches Nutrition Education to middle schoolers in Harlem NY.

Watercolor with April - WEEKLY CLASS

Watercolor and travel the world (from your home!) with April.

The course is free and open to anyone 60+.

1. You only need to register ONCE for the class. You will get a link sent weekly.
2. Do not forward the zoom link, please ask anyone to register for the class.

Thursday, July 16, 2020
3:00 pm4:00 pm
Bingo with Peter and Maritza

Have a great time at Bingo with prizes for the winners. You must register for the event.

You will be sent a zoom link prior to the meeting. Do NOT forward this link to others, it is unique to you.

How Will You Get Your Bingo Cards?
You can get your bingo cards right now! Go to

If you are unable to print your cards contact us at ASAP and we will go over other ways to get your Bingo cards.

Friday, July 17, 2020
11:00 am12:00 pm
Feldenkrais - WEEKLY CLASS

Featured in the NY Times, Feldenkrais focuses on using body awareness to alleviate chronic pain. Feldenkrais exercises
consist of small, comfortable movements, and are done in an easy and relaxed way. RSS is proud to present a free 10-week course on the Feldenkreis Method. Many people say that Feldenkrais exercises work “like magic”.

Read the NY Times article on Feldenkrais -

The course is free to anyone 60+. REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

1. You only need to register ONCE for the meeting. You will be sent links weekly.
2. Do not forward your link. Please ask anyone else to register.

Write On! Writing Your Memories Weekly Class Mondays at 1 PM

Write On! is a weekly course focused on writing your memories in short story formats. If you are interested in joining email or call 718.884.5900.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
10:30 am11:30 am
All About Food Additives

Join us for another nutrition lecture with Erica Novata, a dietician with the NY Department for Aging. She'll talk all about food additives and what to watch out for. Covered will be why food additives are used, commonly used food additives, ways of preserving food, new food additives and more.

Click here to register -

Wednesdays at 12 - July 8 & 22/ Aug 12 & 26 at 1:00 PM
Zoom Online & Call-In
Savvy Solos Club - Zoom & Call-In

Meetings are at 1 PM

Are you living alone during the pandemic? We focus on the challenges (and joys!) of living alone. We typically met in the Center but we are now sharing ideas of how to cope during the pandemic. The group is for those 60+.

1. If you have registered once you DO NOT need to register again. You will be alerted to all meetings with a zoom link.
2. Do not pass on the link. Any new person must register.

Thursday, July 23, 2020
11:00 am12:00 pm
RSS Online Class
Belly Dancing with Noora

Belly dancing with Noor. All levels welcome. You will be sent a zoom link prior to the meeting.

Chair Exercise with Eva - Thursdays at 3:30 STARTING JULY 23 THROUGH AUGUST

This class increases your stability, endurance and flexibility.

INSTRUCTOR: Eva Shulman. Eva has worked at RSS for 20 years. She has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation. A Zoom link will be sent prior to the class.

1. You only need to register ONCE for this course. You will be sent a link for each class.
2. Do not forward your link. Anyone new should register for the course.

Musical Healing By Flume Ensemble: A Virtual Concert

Musical Healing By Flume Ensemble: A Virtual Music Concert

Come, relax and enjoy some Music with the Flume Ensemble from the Riverdale Country School. They will be performing music such as Gabriel's Oboe from The Mission, Yesterday by the Beatles, You Are My Sunshine by Johnny Cash, and You'll Never Walk Alone by Gerry & The Pacemakers, in addition to talking about their classical music in general. The social distancing orders put in place do not mean music cannot be experienced! Registration Required

Here's a sample of the wonderful music you'll hear -

Members ;
Violin: Cherie Chung, Parisa Verma, Lauren Lee
Cello: Henri Yoon
Piano: Daniel Tantsyura
Bass: Harry Gallen
Oboe: Claire Kho, Daniel Choi

Poetry Group - WEEKLY Mondays at 10 AM

Share your love of poetry together in a supportive group atmosphere. The RSS poetry group is back!

The group will be led by JP DiBlasi, a native New Yorker currently living and writing in the Hudson River town of Ossining. Her chapter book, No Longer Gravity’s Partner, was published in 2019 by Blue Light Press. Other poems have appeared in Carrying The Branch: Poets in Search of Peace, Glass Lyre Press, 2017: “Au Nom de Pere,” Chronogram, Poetry Breakfast, RiverRiver, The Crazy Child Scribbler, and Persimmon Tree.

Registration Required. You only need to register once to join the group.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
6:00 pm7:00 pm
The Immigrant Experience on Film

A presentation honoring our brave ancestors who came to this country with little more than their hopes and dreams. We’ll see scenes that
vividly recreate both classic and modern immigration stories, featuring The Godfather Pt. II, Hester Street, Rounders, In America, Golden Door, and many more. Presented by Steven Frenzel of Marquee FilmTalks. Registration Required.

Meteorology: A Look at Weather Phenomena led by Peter Swanson

We all talk about how the weather has gotten crazier every year. Join RSS staff Peter Swanson for an opportunity to learn about the dynamics that cause severe weather phenomena such as lightning, thunder, wind, hail, and tornadoes. Discover the tools forecasters use to predict when and where severe weather will occur. There will be ample time for questions and answers. Peter is a weather enthusiast and a National Weather Service trained spotter.

Registration Required. A link will be sent prior to the meeting.

Opera with Diana - Puccini Turandot

Listen and learn about Puccini Turandot with English subtitles Diana has a Bachelors 'Degree in Education from Tashkent State University and Master’s in Social Work from Yeshiva University.

* You do NOT need to register again if you have already registered for an Opera class.

Online Health Resources You Can Use Now

This presentation and discussion will help us learn more about the online tools that can help you manage your health (and sometimes save you money). Covers Medline, Epocrates, Good Rx, SingleCare, Amazon's pill pack and more. Led by Margie Schustack, Communications Director at RSS. Registration required.

Is the Book Always Better than the Movie?

At long last, get the answer to the age-old question, “Is the book always better than the movie?” (Spoiler—no, it isn’t!) We’ll tackle the interesting reasons why this belief still persists, while showing many great examples of films that clearly outshone their literary origin, such as Jaws, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Field of Dreams, Die Hard, Shrek, Legally Blonde, It’s a Wonderful Life, and many more! This program shows specific examples of how filmmakers use different (not better, just different) tools to tell their versions of a story. We do NOT say that movies are always better, but encourage patrons to find value in all art forms that tell stories.

Presented by Steven Franzel of Marquee filmtalks.

Registration Required.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? In the Time of Covid-19

Should I Stay Or Should I Go – In the time of Covid-19?

That decision – stay in your long-time home or move later in life – is tough enough. Have the health risks of the current pandemic made that decision even harder? Allison Jaffe, is a Real Estate Broker and Seniors Real Estate Specialist with 15 years of experience guiding senior homeowners to the conclusion that’s right for them. She will address your concerns about making that decision during this unique time.

Registration Required.