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Lincoln and New York: NY Historical Society Presents

Monday, November 16, 2020
6:00 pm7:00 pm
Lincoln and New York: NY Historical Society Presents

Presented by the NY Historical Society.

Led by a curator from the NY HIstorical society this presentation will talk about Abraham Lincoln and New York. Abraham Lincoln—the quintessential westerner—owed much of his national political success to his impact on the eastern state of New York—and, in turn, New York's impact on him.This exhibition of original artifacts, iconic images, and hand-written period documents, many in Lincoln's own hand, will for the first time fully trace the evolution of Lincoln's relationship with the nation's largest and wealthiest state: from the time of his triumphant Cooper Union address here in 1860, to his efforts to hold the Union together in 1861, to the early challenges of recruitment and investment in the Civil War, to the development of new military technologies, and the challenge to civil liberties in time of rebellion.

This is a free lecture to anyone 50+.