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Mission & History

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Our Mission

RSS is a nonprofit agency that champions older adults and their families. We do this through our wellness approach and in every aspect of our operations and facilities. RSS helps give community members the opportunity to live their best, happiest and healthiest lives.

Our History

In  September, 1974, RSS Founder Julia Blumenthal and her colleagues set out to improve the lives of seniors in the Riverdale community.  Riverdale Senior Center opened with the mission of providing a place where people could meet friends, share a meal and learn from one another.  As we have grown, we’ve responded to the changing needs and interests of the vital, diverse senior population of the Northwest Bronx.  In addition to a daily delicious lunch, RSS now offers a full range of exercise, cultural, health management and social programs, as well as a wide array of social and behavioral health services.  We continue to evolve to meet our members’ needs, and hope you will join us, at no cost, to sample all we have to offer!

Programs and Activities

We focus on programs and activities that enhance physical and mental health, support lifelong learning, and promote social interaction. We collaborate with other organizations and community groups to provide opportunities that reflect our members' goals, interests, and vitality.

A social worker is available on-site to assist with entitlements, benefits, and referrals to community resources. RSS offers an array of on-site support services. A licensed Social Worker can help with benefit questions, referrals and other concerns. Individual counseling at the Center is also offered. RSS offers support groups for women, caregivers, solo agers, and those experiencing bereavement.

Every day, there are numerous activities in arts, education, and exercise with a wide range of social activities, both structured and informal. Each week the RSS community has the opportunity to go on various trips that take advantage of all the city has to offer.

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