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Horace Mann and RSS are back together again in the RSS Terrace Garden!

Tiles and chairs decorated by Horace Mann students with RSS members for the terrace garden.

It’s been a while but Horace Mann students are back at RSS working with our members to make the terrace garden fabulous!

During the pandemic, we continued meeting with the students through Zoom. The conversations ranged from how everyone was handling the pandemic, to what experiences our members had after high school, to the importance of maintaining gardens and the environment. We were even able to do a joint project and create some beautiful tiles together for the RSS and Horace Mann gardens (See: Intergenerational Activities with Horace Mann adapt to the times to create garden art.)

As Covid restrictions lifted the students came to RSS to continue the project we started. The tiles were fired and ready to go outside and so, on a perfectly beautiful day in April, eight Horace Mann students returned to RSS to tile the planters on the terrace along with our members. And to make the space even more beautiful, some old chairs were upcycled by painting them over and decorating them with some amazing designs. Each one is unique and perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the view.