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Foo-Foo: RSS Pet Therapy Dog

Foo-Foo is the RSS certified pet therapy dog. His owner is Selina Ng, our social worker. Pet therapy dogs help people relax, give them confidence and remind people of great times.

What is a certified pet therapy dog? Therapy dogs tend to be very  friendly, affectionate, gentle, and confident in all situations.  They tend to really enjoy human contact and enjoy being handled, petted and sometimes in clumsy manner. The primary role of a therapy dog is to make physical contact with people and really enjoy their company.

Foo-Foo is usually here on Wednesdays and Fridays. Stop by and say "Hi!"

Here is a video of Foo-Foo with one of the members from our Adult Day Activities Program for Memory Loss.

It's a wonderful example of what a pet therapy dog can do for someone.