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RSS Arts Studio - Writing

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RSS Arts Studio - Writing

Writing and reading the writings of others is good for the head, heart and soul. And, it's also been proven to have a number of health benefits. Expressive writing has been linked with improved mood, well-being, lowered stress levels and depressive symptoms. It's also been known to help lower blood pressure and even reduce time spent in hospitalization. You don't even have to physically do the writing. Sharing your stories with others is an important form of communication as well.

Come join the writers of RSS!


  • Creative Writing

    INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Kaufman

  • Poetry

    All individuals are welcome to read/recite and write poetry through assignments. Learn about different forms of rhyme schemeics of poetry.
    INSTRUCTOR: Robert Ackerson. Robert was a teacher for 40 years; teaching elementary, regular and special education. He was a track coach at JFK High School for over 26 years. He also studied writing at Columbia University and has a Masters in Special Education.

  • Write On!

    Beginner's writing class including short stories and journals.

    INSTRUCTOR: Susan Guzman

  • Ellie's Book Club

    A wonderful book club focused on recent works of fiction and non-fiction.
    INSTRUCTOR: Eleanor Edelstein

  • Creative Mind
  • Short Stories

    Discussion on new and classic short stories.
    INSTRUCTORS: Pat Pardo and Vesa Nelson