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RSS Cooking Club: Heart Healthy Chocolate. It's not just for dessert (Hybrid)

Friday, February 24, 2023
1:00 pm2:30 pm

To register:
Call: 718-884-5900 or register at the main office.
You must register to attend online or in the center.

Chocolate! That ooey, gooey treat that makes everything better! Did you know that it's not only a dessert but great in salads and main dishes? And it's even good for you?!!! Join RSS Dietitian Maudene Nelson live at RSS for the first RSS Cooking Club event as she demonstrates some heart-healthy Chocolate recipes for dessert and as an ingredient for the main meal.

This is the first (premiere) event of the RSS Cooking Club! What is the RSS Cooking Club?

The RSS Cooking Club is for anyone who loves to eat but wants to learn more about cooking. It doesn't matter what your comfort level is in the kitchen. Whether you are interested in learning more about cooking for yourself or just enjoy seeing how it's done, this club is for you.

Classes will be online and in person at RSS. Participants attending in person will be able to sample the food after the demonstration.

When you join the RSS Cooking Club, you will get:
- Live cooking demonstrations with a professional nutritionist or dietitian
- Exclusive access to videos and other recipe and cooking information.
- Get new, simple healthy recipes or "healthified" takes on old favorites
- Learn new cooking techniques and refresh your old skills
- Focus on new tools (like air fryers) and how they can be used to make your food healthy
- Share recipes and cooking tips with other club members
- Recreate dishes for single servings
- Help create an RSS Healthy Recipe Book
- Special events with other RSS instructor.