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Balance Training with Peggy Levine (HYBRID)

Monday, July 8, 2024
3:30 pm4:30 pm


Do you have problems with your balance? Good balance is important at any age, but particularly as we get older. Peggy Levine‚ÄĚs Balance Training class uses multiple methods to help you improve your balance. From sitting to strengthen the core muscles of the torso and flexibility to strengthening exercises for the feet. The class also does balance movements standing in front, behind, and beside a chair, sometimes on two feet, and sometimes on one foot. This class will help you to become more stable when walking or even just standing to help to prevent falls.

This class has strength and balance exercises, training of the core (back, ribcage, pelvic floor and abdominals) seated and standing using hand-held weights and stretchy bands for resistance training and bone health. Most of the class is done stationary but there is some moving either side to side or front to back. All levels are welcome and if a member wants to be seated at any time, the instructor adjusts the exercise to accommodate them.

Peggy Levine teachers numerous balance and pilates classes. She also has the following certifications: Exercise Etc. Programs for Older Adults, Senior Fitness Specialist, ACE Group Fitness, and SCW Pilates instructor.

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