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Suffrage 1872: Anthony, Woodhall, and the Battle for the Vote' Webinar

Friday, March 3, 2023
5:30 pm7:00 pm

The post-Civil War years were tumultuous ones in women’s fight for the vote; not only were suffrage proponents split into bitterly divided camps, but many women repudiated the very idea of them voting. What happened in 1872 was no less than a revolution when, entitled or not, a handful of fractious women exercised their rights both to hold political office and to elect those who did. It’s time to explore this most consequential year in American women’s fight for equality.

Join New York Adventure Club as we explore the riveting story of these women at the forefront of the battle for the right to vote in America.

Led by Brooklyn author and storyteller Bill Greer, our digital showcase of the women's suffrage movement in and around 1872 will include:

The wide-ranging attitudes of women toward winning the vote leading up to 1872
A deep dive into Victoria Woodhull’s career and presidential campaign, including her early accolade as “The Coming Woman,” her descent to “Mrs. Satan,” and enduring legacy as “the best known woman in America”
The rivalry between Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who split the suffrage movement into opposing camps and saw their own relationship rupture over Woodhull’s "radical" ideas
A discussion of Anthony leading women to the polls on Election Day 1872, which gave her a legitimate claim to being the first New York woman to vote
The sex scandal that erupted as voters went to the polls and fixated the nation during the years that followed