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The New MOMA

Friday, December 6, 2019
2:15 pm4:00 pm
RSS-Riverdale Senior Services
The New MOMA

Picasso and Louise Bourgeois share a gallery at the new MoMA. Both artists have a deep interest in human relationships and the human body.

The Museum of Modern art's complete overhaul of the presentation of their permanent collection is a very interesting topic for consideration. After being closed all summer, they re-opened in October. They have totally transformed how their collection had been conceived of, rejecting outdated art historical categorizations, and re-contextualizing art-historically important works with recent and previously overlooked art. They have also adopted themes in smaller galleries with works of all medias of a historic period sharing space and allowing the viewer multiples of visual encounters through both space, time and media. This is about engaging with a new way of seeing and thinking about modern art, using images and art on display at MoMA.

Presentation and discussion led by art professor and writer Susan Landgraf