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Self-Care Sundays - Chair, Chi & Prana with Melissa at 11, Meditation with Paula at 12 and VIrtual ReikI/Sound Meditation with Bosko at 5 PM (ALL ONLINE)

Sunday, June 4, 2023
11:00 am12:45 pm

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All Classes are Online

Chair Chi & Prana starts at 11 AM
Meditation at 12
Virtual Reiki & Sound Meditation at 5
It is the same zoom link for both sessions.

Chair, Chi & Prana
In this one-hour fusion class combining Chair Yoga, Qigong & Tai Chi Easy(tm) , students will practice seated and standing yoga poses that gently strengthen and stretch the body, while using a chair for support. Tai Chi movements that are modified from the traditional forms and Qigong energy work will also be taught (with an option of being seated or standing). Self-massage techniques are included to increase circulation and warm up the muscles. Gentle and seated core strengthening is included as well! With all these practices, students learn practical tools to stretch and tone the body, calm the nervous system, focus the mind, increase energy, and work on balancing and fall prevention skills.

Virtual Reiki
The class starts off with a body scan meditation & breathing exercise to calm the nervous system and ground the body. The class then receives a Reiki treatment as we come together in deep relaxation to recharge and reconnect with ourselves. Be in a comfortable seated position or lie down on a bed/yoga mat. Boshko Boskovic is the founder of Let’s Heal NYC, a private practice specializing in Reiki treatments. He is a Reiki Master, trained & certified in the Usui Shiki Ryoho linage.He has worked at Reiki Clinics at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan and Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn.