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“Shtetl to Ellis – The Untold Story (HYBRID)

Monday, April 24, 2023
1:00 pm2:00 pm

Many of us had ancestors who at one time made the decision to leave their towns and villages throughout Europe to come to America. They were fleeing poverty, famine, religious persecution, bleak futures without education, pogroms and more. We know they sailed from various ports along the Atlantic, most likely in steerage class. Thousands landed at Ellis Island. Have you ever asked yourself… “How did they travel hundreds of miles over land to get from their towns to various ports such as Antwerp, Belgium, (a major port of debarkation) and what was sailing in steerage really like?” Often, our ancestors never spoke of this part of the arduous journey.

Leah Kaplan has presented in person to enthusiastic audiences throughout the world. She has done research at 5 institutions and collected family oral histories. She is sharing this journey with us through the love of her ancestors and the connection we all have to our own ancestors.