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Food for LIfe: Diabetes - Using the Glycemic Index(Online)

Tuesday, June 28, 2022
1:00 pm3:00 pm

To register:

The Food for Life questionnaire will be sent to you when you register. You MUST fill it out in order to attend if you have not attended the Healthy Aging series.

You only need to register once to take all 4 classes.

Class schedule:
Tue. June 7: The Power of Your Plate and Grocery Cart
Tue. June 14: Understanding Type 2 Diabetes
Tue. June 21: Designing a Diet for Maximum Weight Control
Tue. June 28: Using the Glycemic Index

We have all heard that white bread is bad, and whole wheat bread is better, but do you know why? You may have also heard that people with diabetes should avoid pasta and fruit. That nutrition myth and others will be explored. By learning a few simple rules, you’ll be an expert in choosing those foods that will hold your blood sugar levels steady and give you the nutrition you need for good health. Learn to prepare some dishes that are energizing and that will never leave you with a blood-sugar spike and crash after your meal.