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Johannes Gutenberg, a NY – Mainz connection: Sylvia Laudien-Meo Lecture (ONLINE)

Tuesday, December 14, 2021
6:00 pm7:00 pm


Johannes Gutenberg is widely regarded as one of the most influential inventors in history, certainly of the 2nd millennium. During the mid 15th C this goldsmith/ printer/ publisher introduced his mechanical movable-type printing press and revolutionized the spread of knowledge and education, helping disseminate the ideas of Reformation and Enlightenment, and thus ringing in the Modern Age. His most famous publication is the Gutenberg Bible, of which NY has even two copies – at the NYPL as well as the Morgan Library & Museum. Since printing and publishing have traditionally been key industries for NY, he is celebrated throughout the city in murals, windows, sculpture. On this virtual tour we will have a closer look at Gutenberg’s life and invention, discuss his traces here in NYC, but also explore his hometown Mainz…which happens to be our art lecturer grew up!